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Aluminium Windows

We supply and install a comprehensive range of high quality aluminium windows to suit any property. Our wide range of aluminium windows will provide you with the security, performance and a sleek style you need. By utilising modern materials and techniques, our aluminium windows excel in thermal efficiency, security and durability.

To guarantee this quality, we offer windows that use a market-leading aluminium profile. This means that they are the result of a meticulous design and testing process that guarantees performance for many years. Cost-effective and beautiful, these windows are a worthwhile addition to any home.

Featuring slim, sleek sight lines with a cutting-edge modern aesthetic, our aluminium windows are sure to add a flair to any home. You’ll be able to choose from a range of colours and finishes to get the ultimate aluminium windows appearance. No matter your property type, we’ll be able to ensure you get your perfect windows.

  • Made to Measure Frames
  •  Inherently Secure
  •  Low Maintenance
  •  Range of Colours
  •  Energy Efficient
  •  Sleek Design

Inherently Secure

Although sleek and slim by design, aluminium windows have proven to uphold impressive standards of strength and robustness. This means they offer an innate, high performance standard of crime prevention that is sure to offer peace of mind.

This is then enhanced further with high security locking mechanisms and premium grade aluminium material, ensuring structural integrity. By combining these two exceptional features we can guarantee a standard of quality that is consistent across the whole frame.

Range of Features

We offer a versatile range of designs that can suit any home. For the more traditional home, we can easily create an authentic looking timber casement windows. This means any homeowner can enjoy all the benefits of high quality aluminium windows.

This is made possible by a range of hardware options, including handles and hinges. You’ll be able to tailor your aluminium windows to perfectly suit your home and your personal tastes. We even offer a dual colour option that allows you to decorate your interior and exterior respectively.

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Features and Benefits

Aluminium Windows
Energy Efficient

Our aluminium windows feature a polyamide, thermally broken frame that works to trap in pockets of warm air. This allows for a reduction in heating costs and a lowered carbon footprint.

Aluminium Windows
Inherently Secure

With the choice of either multi-point or cockspur locking handles and our strong, durable design your house is well protected. Meaning not only will they look great, thanks to its sleek and elegant design, you'll enjoy peace of mind.

Aluminium Windows
Range of Colours

In order to fit any and all homes, our aluminium windows come in a variety of standard and non-standard colours. This includes metallic, dual colours, Smart’s sensation textured and Alchemy anodised effect finishes.

Aluminium Windows
Low Maintenance

Because of the durable design of our aluminium windows, they will not rot, warp or discolour over time. While you will need to put in minimal effort to keep your windows crisp and clean, the large majority of the work is done for you.

Aluminium Windows
Made to Measure Frames

Our aluminium windows are compatible with a range of accessories and locking mechanisms, making them hugely versatile. This allows you to create the perfect windows to fit your home design.

Aluminium Windows
Sleek Design

Because the high security locking system is built into the frame, it allows for an increased surface area of glass as there is less bulk needed for structural reinforcement. This allows for an increased amount of light allowance.

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