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Summer is the perfect time to tackle many home improvements and complete any DIY projects. Take some time this summer to make some necessary upgrades to your home, whether big or small. Not only can this increase overall value, these upgrades may improve the longevity of your home and help save you money further down the line.

Install new windows

Window manufacturing has come a long way over the past few decades. With updated window efficiency ratings, upgraded window materials, and cutting-edge glazing techniques, finding the perfect modern windows for your home couldn’t be easier.

The start of the summer is the perfect time to consider installing new windows. Newly installed efficient windows will help keep cool and conditioned air within the home, and fresh window sealing will help prevent the warmer outdoor air from penetrating your home. Moreso, you won’t be waiting around in the cold whilst your windows are replaced!

With an expected lifespan of 30 years, it’s common to notice outdated and worn windows. Take a look for draughts, damaged sealing, worn hardware, and operational issues to establish whether your windows are in optimal condition to keep you cool this summer. Not only will new windows help improve your home’s thermal efficiency, they will also help freshen up your home’s exterior aesthetics and improve the kerb appeal of your house.

Update your decking

Refreshing your decking, and giving it some much needed TLC after the battering of the winter weather, is a must-do for any decking owner. Start your summer off right and treat your decking with a summer freshen-up that’ll boost your garden’s aesthetic and increase your decking’s longevity.

If your decking is a little older, and hasn’t been treated recently, then a stain might be the ideal solution for you. A stain adds a lick of colour to the wood, but still highlights your decking’s natural grain. Staining your decking is also a fantastic way to help aid in waterproofing.

For homeowners that prefer some boldness in their gardens, you may want to opt for decking paint. Paints for decking not only come in a diverse range of colours, but they can also be used to help protect your decking by filling in small cracks and preventing splinters. Paints also help prevent weathering over the course of the year.

Decking oils are a more unique solution for decking treatment. Oils help replace any natural oils and resin lost within the wood over time. Decking oil also gives a subtle finish to decking wood, and can help enhance its natural grain.

Updating your decking with fresh treatment will leave your garden looking stunning for the rest of the summer, and continue to protect it for the year to come.

Tidy the garden

One of the most important summer home improvements to make is garden maintenance. The spring time sees weeds sprouting, and grass growing at alarming rates – but also the blooming of flowers and blossoms. Getting on top of your garden’s maintenance will set great foundations for your gardening efforts all summer.

Remove any dead leaves and shrubbery from flower beds and plant pots that may have accumulated over the winter for a quick refresh. Dig up any pesty weeds from the roots to help ensure they don’t regrow later in the summer.

It’s likely that your shrubbery is encroaching other areas of your garden after their growth-spurt in spring. Bring out the sheers and hedge trimmers and reshape the foundations of your shrubbery. In some cases this will add more clean edges to your garden for a more appealing look and design-focused feel.

Don’t forget to tidy your front garden too! Ensuring your front garden is free from weeds and old debris can do wonders to improve kerb appeal, and make your home feel more for guests.

Install a conservatory

For homeowners looking for the most effective way to improve their home’s value this summer, you might consider installing a conservatory.

Conservatories are the ultimate addition to any back garden in the summer. With 75% of the walls made up of glazing, a conservatory is the perfect way to enjoy the sun without fighting biting bugs and pollen. There are also many ways to keep your conservatory cool in the summer to help create a more comfortable environment when the hot weather to picks up.

Conservatories also offer the perfect transition between your internal and external living spaces. Whether you’re hosting in the garden, or need some extra space in the house for summer parties, conservatories offer an extended living space that can be utilised for a variety of reasons. 

uPVC conservatories are great for value and longevity. With a lifespan of about 25 years, these conservatories can last longer than many other counterparts – all without breaking the bank. They are also popular for their energy efficiency during the winter months, making them a worthwhile investment all year round.

Paint your fence

The winter has likely taken its toll on your fence’s outer coat, and potentially posed risks to its overall integrity. Freshen up your garden fences with some paint this summer. With so many different colours and types of fence paint available, you are sure to find a paint that complements your garden.

Painting your fence each year can help improve its longevity. Paint acts as a barrier that helps protect the exterior of your fence. There are also many fence paints on the market that boast additional protective properties to help protect your fence against harsher weather.

Take your time exploring what fence paint colours are available. With a vast array of colours and types to choose from, the perfect match for your garden is waiting for you!

Declutter your home

A summer home improvement that can make a big difference to your internal living spaces is decluttering. Now the days are getting warmer, the additional air flow in the home will be a welcome addition!

Put away items that have been used over the winter – like thick blankets – to create more space in your living areas and bedrooms. Now is also a good time to start to clear out your garage, or your shed. You may have begun storing items in here during the winter that you no longer need or use. Take the time to organise these, and even may a little bit of money by selling off some items. 

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