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As the season changes from the cold winter to sunny spring, your front garden is bound to change with it. Grass is growing at an alarming rate, weeds are creeping through the cracks in patios, and bushes are encroaching onto the garden path. So where do you begin to start improving your front garden for the summer?

Front gardens are the transition from the outside world to your home, and first impressions count. Creating a front garden that reflects your tastes requires careful planning and maintenance, but every home presents different challenges. We’ve explored a range of solutions to improve your front garden this summer and enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Plant Boxes

Plant boxes are a highly versatile addition to any front garden. Featured on windowsills, they add more detail to the front of the home whilst increasing the privacy of your internal living spaces. Plant boxes on the windowsill are especially effective for a small front garden, as they do not take up any limited floor space.

For front gardens with a little more space, plant boxes can also sit flush against the wall of your home and create a sleek feel to your front garden. Plants contained within plant boxes are much easier to maintain than those planted in the ground, and require much less upkeep over their lifetime.

Perfect for low maintenance gardens, plant boxes are a valuable addition to any front garden. 

Hanging baskets

Front doors adorned with hanging baskets are a welcome sight for any guest. A hanging basket can soften the harsh material of the bricks behind it, and should be filled with plants that complement their colours.

Hanging baskets add an additional layer of beauty to your front garden, so your decoration efforts are not restricted to the ground. This is especially useful for front gardens that are primarily paved, as they utilise alternative areas to enhance your garden.

Structured Symmetry

When it comes to your front garden design, look at utilising solid lines and structures to create well-defined areas. Plant boxes can be placed above and below window sills to enhance the elements of symmetry in your front garden.

Flower beds and shrubbery that line the edges of your front garden also help create a clear boundary at the front of your home. If you have a garden path leading to the front door, think about lining it with decorative brick or other edging decorations.

General Garden Maintenance

Some general maintenance can do your front garden a world of good, and doesn’t take much effort. 

Ensure stones are swept off of paths and grass, and reshape any gravelled areas. For front gardens with trees and shrubbery, make sure to rake all loose leaves from the garden too. These small tasks can keep your front garden looking sleek and clean all year round, and allow you to work on larger gardening projects without much interference.

Fences and bushes are important garden features that should not be ignored when it comes to improving your front garden. A quick lick of paint in the spring will help maintain your garden fences, and regular pruning of your bushes will also help maintain the edge and shape of your garden.

Have a look around your front garden, and identify any quick and easy ways to tidy up. You’ll be amazed how much of an improvement you can make.

Coloured Window Frames

A coloured window frame is one of the most effective ways to brighten up the front of your home. If you’re working with a small front garden, coloured window frames can create a focal point that detracts from the lack of creative space. Where there is space for flowers, use colours that complement your new coloured window frames to create a stylish scene.

New Windows

Old and worn windows can be detrimental to a home’s aesthetics, especially alongside climbing plants like ivy that can possibly cause further damage. Besides looking incredibly unappealing, old and worn windows can have a huge effect on your home’s thermal efficiency.

New windows are noticeable from the outside, and can do wonders for your home’s exterior. Fresh uPVC windows add a dash of modernity to your home, and are easy to clean and maintain. 

With new uPVC windows, improving your front garden couldn’t be easier.

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