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As the weather gets hotter and hotter each year, there is no doubt that this has been one of the hottest years to date.  It can be difficult to accumulate enough cool breeze into your home, especially if you are struggling with poor airflow.

To help you create a better air circulation in your home, we’re discussing the best types of uPVC windows and doors that will increase ventilation.

What window is best suited for the job?

We all know that during the summer sleeping comfortably is almost impossible, especially when you’re unable to control the temperature in your household. Unfortunately, the main culprit for this is poor airflow.

With newer windows, you have more flexibility and improved safety features made from the latest technology. With wide hinge openings, you’re allowing maximum airflow to travel straight through your home – ultimately cooling down your home.

To push out the warm air from your home, certain windows are more fitted for the job. To put this into perspective, uPVC French Casement Windows are perfect for allowing a huge amount of cool breeze to flow through your home. With noticeable benefits, the overall quality allows for a sturdy 90-degree hinge opening for maximum results. This controlled ventilation can help aid the circulation in your home and cool down the atmosphere.

Our second recommendation is the Tilt & Turn window. With a wide range of motion, you are able to position the window in the best direction to match the breeze.  For those who have children, this is perfect as you can open it as wide as possible in a safe manner.

Can doors help provide better airflow too?

Some doors are also great for providing airflow. For ultimate airflow Aluminum Bi-fold doors and uPVC patio doors are perfect. With a large range of manoeuvrability, you can open these doors wide enough to enjoy the cool breeze. With child-friendly locks, you can also relax knowing that no injuries will occur.

Liniar and energy efficient

Along with providing many benefits for you in the summer, both of the windows mentioned are great for the winter period too. As around 20% of heat loss is common for many households, uPVC frame acts as a natural insulator. The protective barrier in the Liniar window makes it harder for heat energy to transfer to the outside.

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