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With advances in manufacturing processes, window companies are now able to offer a wide variety of finishes and styles for your home. While this has the benefit of providing homeowners with a greater level of choice, this does also create the problem that there’s almost too much to choose from. So if you’re in the market for replacement windows and doors, where do you begin? This article aims to help you sort through the options in order to determine which is the right choice for you.

Top Factors to Consider

There are two key factors to consider when selecting the material for your windows and doors: Budget and Regulation.


As tantalising as the ranges of materials and finishes can be, each of them has its own price tag and that can vary wildly. While all materials, offer their own benefits to your home, each one should be weighed up against the cost at the outset to ensure you’re getting the best value for your budget.


If you live in a listed property, it is absolutely vital that you choose a material that reflects the aesthetic of the building and style. This will almost certainly mean timber frames with smaller casements as window sizes have grown dramatically over the years and the earlier styles are difficult to replicate with modern materials.

House Style

Your windows should reflect the style of your home and maintain the overall aesthetic of the property.


If you live in a modern home, continental style tilt-and-turn casements offer a fantastic finish to your home. These windows open inwards and provide greater security and ventilation. However, as they are made to order, they are generally more expensive than traditional style casements.


A traditional style home, such as a cottage, will always look better with a traditional style window. You should also check regulations to ensure your windows are appropriate for the building and its architecture. Traditional window styles include sliding sash windows as well as bay windows.


Once you’ve settled on the style of window that would look best on your home, you now have the choice of several material types. Each one offers its own unique benefits, each of which should be considered before you invest.


Traditional timber frames offer a unique and classic look to your home and are best suited to older properties.

+ Creates a classic finish to an older style property

+ Can be stained to provide a unique look

– Higher cost

– Higher maintenance as the wood must be stained regularly


This is a popular material in contemporary style homes as the frames give the home a modern and sleek finish.

+ Modern look and feel

+ Low maintenance

– Can be expensive


This is the most common material for replacement windows. Its energy efficiency and durability make it highly cost-effective and, compared to other materials, it is comparatively inexpensive to install.

+ Energy efficient

+ High security

+ Durable and low-maintenance

– Fewer styles and finishes available

– Less appropriate for traditional style homes

With so many options to choose from, you can really create the right look for your home, while ensuring energy efficiency and security. To explore the cost of replacing your windows and doors, use our online quote builder and find the right windows and doors for your home and budget.

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