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windows hot day

Keeping your windows open or closed on a hot day is a topic which has had many people stumped. If you’re unfortunate not to have air conditioning in your home, the only way to keep cool must be to open the windows, right? 

The answer to the question is quite simple; when the air outside is warmer than the air inside, keep your windows closed. When the air inside is warmer than the air outside – dawn, dusk or overnight – then open the windows to circulate the cooler air. 

There are also many other tips you can try to keep your house to a stable temperature. These include: 

  • Keeping the blinds closed
  • Insulation (loft/ cavity wall) 
  • Bowls of water
  • Using a fan 

Keep the blinds closed

As well as keeping your windows closed, blinds and curtains should also remain shut. Doing so will stop the heat from penetrating through the windows into your home. The colour of your curtain may also make a difference. According to this is money if you have pale curtains, you are safer to keep them shut as this will keep the heat out. If you have dark coloured curtains, you are safer keeping them open as they will absorb the heat. 

Home insulation

Having a well-insulated home can also help keep your home to a stable temperature. But it is just as good as keeping the heat out too. Check out OVO Energy guides on roof and loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation for more information. 

Water bowls 

Leaving bowls of water around the home can help cool hot air. Similarly, trees and plants act as natural conditioners – pumping moisture back into the atmosphere. Try investing in a few house plants during the summer months. 

Use a fan

A fan can be a valuable asset for those hot summer nights – but make sure you’re using it right. As heat rises, it is a good idea to position your fan on the floor with the head pointing upwards to circulate the cooler air from the ground. To speed up the process, place a bowl of icy water in front of the fan so that the air travels across it. 

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