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  1. Remove the Bath

A spacious shower can feel much more opulent than a little bath if you want to live there for a while. However, if you are remodeling with the intention of selling, you should probably preserve the bath because it can be what sells a house.

  1. Think About the Future

You should consider the period of time that will function for you if you decide to keep the bath and add a shower above it. You may not want to take showers by stepping over the side of a high-sided bath when you get older.

  1. Save Space by Tanking The Whole Room

By doing this, you avoid having to install a space-consuming shower screen that needs cleaning. Alternatively, you may put a thin glass screen to keep the bathroom toilet from getting wet after each shower. However, you might not need a screen at all if you can position the shower at one end, the sink in the middle (it doesn’t matter if that gets splashed), and the toilet right by the entrance.

  1. Consider Adding a Sliding Door

Although it isn’t always practicable, you can conserve space inside if you can install a pocket door (more expensive) or a door that slides along the outside. However, if there is nowhere for it to slide to, you might not be able to do this. To conserve some room, you could hinge the door inside and cut it in half so that it only takes up half the space of a full door while it is open.

  1. Strip it Back to Essentials

When designing a small bathroom, there isn’t room for elaborate ornamental accents that take up room. There must be a use for every single object in there, otherwise, it will be eliminated.

  1. Put the Storage Elsewhere

Most small bathrooms only have a few hooks for the towels and two nearly invisible glass shelves. Everything else, such as extra towels, toilet paper, and contact lenses, is kept in another room. Nothing worsens the appearance of a small bathroom than cluttered window sills, shower trays, and sink areas.

  1. Get Clever with Decorative Details

A more custom look can be achieved by simply painting the basin’s underside. Go all out with a pink restroom, a matching sink, and patterned floor tiles (these will also hide stained grout and soap stains). Distracting attention from the limited space is possible with colourful decor. However, keeping the décor extremely simple can help to make the room seem as open and uncluttered as possible.

We hope this blog post was informative on how to make a small bathroom design more possible and practical! To find out more about space-saving windows such as sliding windows or tilt-and-turn windows get in contact today!

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