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Trade 2 Trade Windows supplies and fits uPVC windows, aluminium windows, and wooden windows. All our windows are high-quality, beautifully designed, and tailored to your specifications. However, any room design can make or break the space depending on the placement of your stunning windows. Read on to prevent yourself from making design mistakes and discover why placement is so important.

Does Window Placement Matter?

You already know there are countless decisions to be made if you’re building a new home or remodelling your current residence. For instance, you will be inundated with choices for different window types, quality, glass selections, and treatments for your new space. Anyone would feel overwhelmed by it.

You might be wondering if window placement matters in the face of so many options. Yes, the position of the windows does matter. A lot. Your mood, energy costs, and the functionality of your home are all impacted by choosing the best physical location and orientation for your windows.

Why Does It Matter?

Window placement is important for several reasons. The main reasons include the following:

Energy efficiency

  • You can protect your home from direct heat and bring sunlight and heat inside during the winter by strategically placing your windows.

Style and appearance

  • The position of your windows will play a part in how your home looks and feels.

Connect to outside

  • Windows enable homeowners to connect with their surroundings and bring the outside in. Seize the opportunity to place your windows in a way that increases your sense of proximity to your neighbourhood or garden

How To Place Windows For Energy Efficiency

The placement and orientation of windows can not only improve the atmosphere in any space but also increase your home’s energy efficiency. Orienting your windows toward the sun conserves energy in cool climates. In warm climates, turning windows, so they face away from the sun can help reduce cooling costs. Additionally, you save money when you conserve energy.

Here are some window orientation ideas and how they impact your home.

North Facing Windows

If you want even, natural lighting that will help you stay cool in the summer, north-facing windows are the solution. Even though it doesn’t offer the most or brightest lighting, northern exposure will give off consistent light throughout the day for a serene atmosphere.

South Facing Windows

The most exposure to sunlight is provided by windows that face south, particularly during the winter. However, lighting with a southern exposure can be a little harsh.

West Facing Windows

Enjoy the warm afternoon light while gazing out your western-facing windows at the sun setting. Avoid having western-facing windows in your living room due to the afternoon glare, which might cause trouble if you want to watch TV.

East Facing Windows

East-facing windows provide the most sunlight in the mornings, so you may want to consider their placement of them carefully if you are an early riser; this may be ideal for your bedroom. However, if you prefer a lie-in, it could be disastrous.

We hope this blog post has shed some light on window placement for your home and will help you to make the perfect home design choices. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

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