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Winter comes with colder temperatures and longer nights. Making your home cosy and hospitable is therefore essential. Learn how to add cosiness and warmth to your home using these straightforward methods.

Layers & Textures

Without turning up the heat, layering up your living room, bedroom, or study is a great way to make your home feel cosier. Additionally, it is a cheap way to decorate any room. For a cosier atmosphere, try adding some plush, soft cushions to the sofa. Alternately, place some blankets over a chair’s back for easy access. Any room would benefit from adding one or two rugs for the soft textures they provide. Even if your room is already carpeted, placing a rug down can increase the style and cosiness.

Warm Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is crucial because it can alter the mood of a space. For a cosy atmosphere, choose lighting with a warm glow or consider installing a dimmer. You can then change the lighting to match your mood. As they can be less harsh than overhead lights, table lamps are an excellent way to create a cosy atmosphere. To help create a cosy atmosphere, try only using lamps at night. Adding a few candles may also help to create a cosy atmosphere. They are an efficient and affordable way to add ambient light to any space.

Comfort Above All Else

A cosy atmosphere is greatly influenced by comfortable furniture. Imagine yourself curled up on the furniture with a good book as a helpful tip for choosing the right pieces. You might need to keep looking if you can’t picture yourself doing that. 

Replace your duvet with one that is thicker or add a throw to your bed to instantly feel warmer. This is an easy way to prepare yourself for colder nights.

Do not be afraid to experiment with various sizes and styles, as this will give the room more depth and personalization. It all comes down to personalising a space to suit your tastes and needs, so choose the items that make you the happiest.


Windows with double glazing are specially made to minimise heat loss from houses and other structures. Units with double glazing produce twice as much insulation as those with single glazing. At Trade2Trade, we offer double-glazed windows and doors in wood, aluminium and UPVC in a vast range of styles and designs. You’re bound to find a perfect match for your home.

We hope that these tips help make your home feel cosier this winter.

For more information about double-glazing installation, get in touch with our team of specialists at Trade2Trade Windows today!

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