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Do you know when it’s time for new windows? There are many signs that indicate the time has come to replace your old windows. If you have noticed any of these, then now is most likely the time to start shopping for replacements. Take a look at some of the common indicators below and then give us a call if you need help with choosing replacement windows!

Window leaking

If your windows are leaking, then you definitely need to replace them. Whether it is due to a crack in the glass or water damage, small cracks can quickly turn into large problems if not taken care of right away!

Sagging window sills due to age

Sagging window sills due to age indicate that your windows are excessively heavy. If you have old wood windows, this is a sign that they may need to be replaced soon.

Rusting on frames

If your window frames are rusting, then it could mean the metal has become too thin and will not hold up for very long at all! This can be dangerous because if one of these windows fall on someone while trying to open or close it, the results could be catastrophic.

Broken, rotting or rotted window frames and sills

Broken window frames and sills mean that they cannot safely hold up a window, and if not fixed immediately can lead to larger problems. If the frame breaks, then your window will fall out of place and become a safety hazard as well as an eyesore!

Uneven seal around the frame

Uneven seal around the window often happens because it is old or weathering from age. The older a window gets, the more likely this issue becomes. If the seal is damaged, then you will have an increase in drafts and noise coming into your home!

Windows are difficult to open or close

Windows that are difficult to open or close could mean multiple things. First of all, it means that the window frame has become warped because of age. It can also mean that there may be other problems with the windows as well. For example, if they are painted shut then it is likely that the paint has dried out and become too thick to open.

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