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With limited space, storage, and decorating opportunities, finding an entryway design that works for you can be difficult. Your home’s aesthetic starts at the entryway, so give your guests the perfect first impression with these front entrance ideas:

Creative Storage Space

The front entrance to your home acts as the transition between the outdoors and your internal living areas. Not only do you want to impress your visitors when they walk through the front door, you want to create an inviting space that prevents dirt and debris from invading the rest of your home.

Include dedicated shoe racks in your front entryway so guests have a place to leave their shoes instead of wearing them any further into the house. Not only does this prevent dirt getting trodden further into the house, a shoe rack keeps shoes out of the way of people walking through, which is imperative in the small space often afforded in entryways.

With very little floor space, other entryway storage options are quite limited. Utilise a coat rack on one of the entryway walls to hang outdoor wear on without bringing them into the house. This is especially useful for homes without a coat closet that require the dedicated space to store their coats. Depending on its material, you can also install coat hooks on the back of your front door.

Storage cabinets are a popular addition to entryways. These can be used in the place of shoe racks, add additional storage for outdoor equipment like umbrellas and sports equipment, and provide a suitable surface for grab and go items. A storage bench might be ideal for homes that require more storage space in their hallway.

Resilient Flooring

Front entryways are exposed to footfall from dirty shoes and wet feet constantly. It comes as no shock that the floor beyond your front door is likely the most worn and torn in your home. Carpets will age and stain, hardwood floors will fade, and dirt will gather with ease in your entryways.

When it comes to designing the floor in your hallways, you want to opt for durable and hard wearing materials. Hardwood flooring is great for longevity, as it is durable and easy-to-clean. A quick sweep will remove any loose dirt, and a warm mop will lift any harder to remove marks. However hardwood flooring invites cool breezes and drafts, especially if your front door is old and thermally inefficient. Thankfully there are many runner rugs that are perfectly suited for hallways. These tend to be thick, tough, and made of hard wearing materials, and will help keep your hallway floor warmer.

If your home currently features carpet in the hallway, look at featuring a dedicating door mat outside the front door. This way any excess mud and dirt can be removed before entering the home and help prevent any damage to the carpet.

Optimised Lighting

Not every hallway is granted a lot of natural light. Front doors without glazing prevent natural light from entering from the front of the home, and some front doors don’t have large enough glazing to let a lot of light in.

Investing in a new front door can serve many purposes. Not only could you benefit from increased energy efficiency, reduced drafts, and better thermal efficiency, alternative glazing options can allow increased natural light flow from outside.

A table lamp can add style and sustenance, especially when current light fixtures don’t provide an ideal amount of lighting to the hallway.


Include a chair or seat within a hallway to create an additional breakout space within your home, and add a supportive area to tie your shoelace and take off your wellies!

Sturdy wicker chairs complement a variety of different styles, and add natural materials to create a more welcoming space to the entryway of your home. Shy away from soft materials that are likely to get muddy or stained, and opt for easy-to-clean and solid materials.

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