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When it comes to gardening, spring and summer often take the spotlight. 

As temperatures plummet and the days become shorter, gardening in the autumn can seem like a bit of a chore. 

But gardening in the cooler seasons can be just as fun! 

In this article, we have put together a list of gardening ideas for you to take advantage of over the upcoming  autumn/ winter months.  

Create autumn gardening goals

Establishing a list of goals that you would like to achieve in your garden can be a great way to plan how you would like your garden to look and feel.

For example, would you like to interject more colour during the winter months? Does your landscape need to hide something unsightly in your garden or home?

Gathering a list of ideas can help you to decide how you would like your garden to look in the autumn but also plan ahead for the spring/ summer months. 

Focus on the structural elements of your garden

The autumn and winter months can be a great time to prune the large trees and shrubbery that you have growing in your garden. Pruning your trees during the autumn months is better for the health of your trees and is a good way to prepare your garden for the upcoming summer.

If you are able to trim trees during this time, then you may want to consider hiring a tree surgeon who can cut your trees safely and to the correct standard. 

Buy autumn plants

You may be surprised to find that many autumn plants are colourful and can be a great way to brighten up your garden throughout the winter months.

There are many autumn plants available on the market including some of our favourites; Aster, BeautyBerry and Autumn Crocus and can be a great way to spruce up your garden during fall. For a list of autumn plant ideas, visit the Gardeners World website.

Create a fall container garden

A great way to enjoy autumn is to get creative! For those that have small gardens or those wanting to improve their outdoor space, fall containers can be a great way to add colour and keep your garden looking neat and tidy over the autumn/ winter months.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your plant container, head over to Better Homes & Gardens  for more ideas for your Autumn planter. 

Maintain your autumn garden

During the autumn months, it is important that you maintain your garden.  You may have noticed that many leaves may have fallen from the trees and your plants are beginning to look a little tired.

Raking the leaves and deadheading old plants can be a great way to prepare your garden ready for spring. You may even want to consider planting spring bulbs to introduce new flowers into the garden over the summer. 

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