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Every home must have a master bedroom. At least seven hours per night of your sleep are spent in this area. It is meant to be created to be the ultimate relaxation space and, of course, be perfect for a restful night’s sleep.

So what are the features that make your bedroom the ultimate master bedroom:

  1. Built-in furniture and joinery

It prevents the room’s layout from being changed. Nevertheless, everything has its perfect place. Also, think about having a TV mounted on the wall for late-night viewing as a small luxury, similar to a hotel room.

  1. Brilliant views

Sometimes the design of a master bedroom is determined by just one essential feature, such as a panoramic view made possible by windows that cover one or two entire walls. At Trade2Trade, we offer made-to-measure aluminium windows, which are perfect if you’re looking for large master bedroom windows. With their sleek design and range of frame colours, we guarantee you’ll find the right windows to create the ultimate master bedroom. If you opt for large windows or floor-to-ceiling windows, there won’t be much room on the walls, so you can get creative and add a pop-up TV at the end of the bed that can double as a seat and a storage space while not blocking the view.

  1. An en-suite

The addition of a private ensuite, as opposed to one shared with the rest of the house, has become a standard feature of all master bedrooms. They can be opulent or straightforward, big or small, and are only for the private use of the room’s occupants. If you are limited on space for an en-suite, our tilt and turn windows are the perfect option as they are made to measure, and offer privacy even when open, as well as being great ventilators. The bedroom is a reflection of the owner’s unique personality and taste and offers them a tranquil, stress-free haven away from the chaos outside the door.

  1. Wardrobe

The presence of a roomy wardrobe is a crucial element in the design of any master bedroom layout. 

  1. Workspace

Sometimes comfort can be gained by working in an area annexed to your master bedroom and not far removed on the other side of your home. Natural light is the best light for working. So make sure to check out our vast range of windows on our website and discover our customisation service so you can make them your own.

  1. Private outdoor area

Only the ultimate master bedroom has its own private outdoor area, whether that be a balcony, a courtyard or even a private conservatory. At Trade2Trade, we offer a wide range of high-quality and luxury UPVC conservatories, perfect for creating your very own sanctuary. Our conservatories allow you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather, and you’ll still be protected from the elements due to the double-glazing feature that keeps them insulated.

  1. A four-poster bed

Since ancient times, four-poster beds have featured curtains that could be drawn for privacy and insulation. There are now many contemporary designs of them, so they suit all home types.

  1. Minimalist look

Minimalist bedrooms can be created into tranquil spaces by hiding possessions, clothes, and any other things that can make the room look messy behind panelled joinery walls. However, when designing joinery for your room, you shouldn’t have to worry about working around windows that are already there. That’s why Trade2Trade offers made-to-measure windows to perfectly fit your bedroom no matter the size you are seeking.

Home renovations can be a very stressful process. Let us help you decide on the perfect windows for your home and get in touch with us today!

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