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Conservatories and orangeries are a perfect way to add extra living space to your home. Being very versatile, they are places to relax, study or admire your garden. As homeowners have more control over how their extension looks nowadays, it is difficult to tell the clear difference between an orangery and a conservatory.

Whether you are choosing between an orangery or a conservatory to enhance your property, in this article, we’ll cover the key differences between the two.

History of orangeries and conservatories

Established in the 15th-16th century, an orangery’s main purpose was to provide garden owners with a place to protect their orange & citrus trees in the winter. Conservatories were similarly used as they were typically used like a greenhouse, where landowners cultivated plants to help them grow in cold conditions.

As thermal technology advanced overtime, both home extensions have come a long way with double glazing properties.


A traditional conservatory will have minimal brickwork and will be made up of glazed structures. In order to allow maximum natural light, the majority of the conservatory will be made with double glazed glass across the walls and roof.  With many designs to choose from, uPVC conservatories are great for those of you who are after additional home space where you can admire the view of your garden.


Orangeries are a great way of providing your home with more space without costing you a fortune. There is a clear difference between a conservatory and an orangery and that is the structure. Perfect for providing privacy, orangeries have a more solid structure in terms of the brickwork. Unlike conservatories, a traditional orangery will have a roof lantern and have less glass than a conservatory.

With that said, orangeries are a great way of providing your home with additional space. Both made with energy efficient glazed glass, there are many designs you can choose from to find a perfect extension for your home. Conservatories can look like orangeries and vice-versa.

How to find a local installer

If you are interested in an orangery or conservatory and would like to receive a free quote, please get in touch to arrange a quote. Our expert team would love to hear from you and help you with all of your inquiries.

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