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The most significant difference between composite doors and uPVC doors that a customer may notice is the price. Composite doors are more expensive than uPVC doors.

Many people assume that composite must be better since composite is more expensive, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are many benefits to choosing uPVC doors over composite ones, and we will list a few of them here:

First, uPVC doors are more affordable than composite doors. If you are looking for a less expensive product, uPVC doors may be the way to go. If it is a new home or has a tight budget, it is easy to save some money by opting for uPVC over composite doors. Make sure to speak to your installer to find a good quality, sturdy uPVC door that will be both secure and durable.

Secondly, uPVC doors have a different look and feel to composite doors. Everyone has a different personal preference, and if you prefer the uPVC aesthetic, that is the door for you! UPVC doors look especially attractive on more modern looking homes, so if you want your home to be in keeping with the style, uPVC may be for you.

Thirdly, uPVC doors are extremely energy efficient. If you want to save money on your heating and energy bills long-term, you can still achieve this goal with uPVC doors.

Finally, uPVC doors require barely any maintenance compared to composite doors. They may need a dust or a wipe down now and again, but as long as there are no significant incidents, your door should last well for around 20 years with minimal effort.

However, composite doors, although more expensive, have many benefits too.

The first benefit to composite doors is security. Composite doors are heavier and thicker and made of materials much more robust than uPVC plastic. Their construction makes it incredibly hard to break or break in, giving your family more peace of mind.

The second benefit is related, as they are so strong they are durable and last a long while. A typical composite door that is looked after may last over 30 years. This means more for your investment!

Thirdly, they come in a vast range of designs to suit any taste. They are flexible to design and have an array of finishes, glosses, varnishes and wood-look effects and textures.

Both uPVC and composite doors are long-lasting, but the main thing is to find a reputable installation company and one that offers warranties on the service provided.

In conclusion, both materials have pros and cons, so it comes down to personal preference in choosing between these two types of exterior doors. Contact us today for a wide choice of doors, installed by professionals.

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