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Making an investment such as a new door installation in your home is a big decision. Especially with energy costs on the rise, you want to ensure your home has the best energy efficiency possible while still having a stylish and suitable addition. This guide should help you determine which door meets your home’s needs. Read on to find your home’s match.

Stable Doors

The arrangement of the stable door opening makes it the perfect family-friendly door, as it allows for ventilation and security. By opening just the top half of the door, you can invite a breeze into your home without letting your children or pets out. These make great back doors, as you can enjoy having the top half of your door open without worrying about privacy.

Another benefit of this door style is its great water tightness, as double-drip bars are fitted to make the door weathertight and prevent water ingress. Furthermore, they are 100% lead-free and completely recyclable, making them an extremely environmentally friendly door option.

UPVC French Doors

French doors are renowned for giving any house a European feel. They have a special flying mullion that provides more space and better views. Our company sells and instals high-end French doors with the best uPVC profile available. This entails that we ensure high-performance standards are met everywhere.

Our doors are made of 100% lead-free, fully recyclable materials, minimising their negative environmental effects. Using French UPVC doors, you can help use less energy to heat their homes, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and heating expenses. 

UPVC Patio Doors

Installing UPVC patio doors would be advantageous for any home because they increase the amount of space and let in more light. These patio doors are made entirely of materials free of lead and are fully recyclable. For the highest thermal efficiency, security, and durability levels, we use an unbeatable uPVC profile. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with draughts, dampness, or water infiltration and that your home will be warmer and safer all year long.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

These doors are modern, efficient, and cutting-edge and an excellent choice for any type of home. They fold neatly away after opening thanks to their inventive, multi-panel folding design, providing maximum accessibility to interior spaces like gardens. This makes them a great back door option, providing a smooth transition from home to the outdoors.

Our designs offer low threshold options to comply with the most recent UK Building Regulations. This makes them suited for a wide range of customers and their homes, as this lessens trip hazards, making them more suitable for the elderly and children. Our aluminium bi-fold door’s cutting-edge construction makes it highly durable and thermally efficient.

We hope this guide has helped you decide which door style is best for the back entrance of your home. For more information, get in touch with a member of our specialist team today or get a quote from our quote builder.

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