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patio doors

Patio doors are an often-overlooked home improvement but they can be of real benefit to your home. From creating light and a sense of greater space, to making it easier to get in and out of your home, there are myriad benefits to choosing patio doors. Here are just a few of them. 


Aside from anything else, patio doors just look good. They let more light into the home which creates a brighter space and from the outside, they add a slick finish to the look of your property. They also enhance your view of the outside, providing a clearer vista of your garden. The value this will add to your home should also not be ignored.  

Energy efficiency 

By allowing more natural light into your home, the patio doors are also effectively warming it for you. Coupled with energy-efficient double-glazing, this helps to make a more energy-efficient home. 

Open space

In the Summer, patio doors, particularly bi-fold doors, can be used to keep your house open to the garden, creating ease of access and helping to bring the outdoors into your home by allowing fresh air and the scent of Summer in.

If you are entertaining, this can also help to create a single open space between the dining room and garden, allowing more guests to be together. 

Maximise space 

While a traditional back door will swing inwards, patio doors tend to swing outwards, or even slide open. This allows you to make more use of the space inside the room as it will not be taken up with the path of the opening door. 


Because of their advanced locking mechanisms and robust frames, patio doors are generally more secure than other back door options.

Patio doors are an excellent home improvement, one which should be given due consideration when looking to give your home a facelift.

At Trade2Windows, we offer a wide range of patio doors to complement the windows we supply. Take a look at our double glazed doors and see how patio doors can help to give your home a great new look.

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