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Looking for something that will provide you with long term benefits and save you money each month? keep reading.

When uninsulated around 40% of heat is lost from windows and doors. Replacing your windows with high quality uPVC windows is extremely worthwhile. All of our products are WER rated and Thermal efficiency to protect you and your home from the outside weather. Here at Trade 2 Trade we want to ensure you are aware of ways of how you can start saving energy.

Keep the heat in

Reducing your energy usage can be impossible if your windows and doors are not made with high quality uPVC.The amount of energy we use throughout the day increases around 8 am and 8 pm. So, if heat is already escaping through your windows it isn’t a surprise that your utility bills are substantially high.

A simple but effective tip to help retain the heat in your home is to close your curtains in the evening. As dusk begins to fall the atmosphere is cooler and can creep through the vents in your window. Curtains will trap the cool air from spreading throughout the room whilst stopping heat from escaping.

However, if your current windows are made with low quality materials you may struggle to notice any difference. Older windows tend to age a lot quicker because of the negative effects of weathering. Serious deterioration will occur and can leave you with a huge list of disadvantages.

uPVC & wooden windows like ours will reduce air infiltration in your home. Created with the latest technology, our double glazed windows have a double layer of protection to drastically reduce your energy bills. The two sheets of glass with a small gap in between them acts as an insulating barrier that will keep the heat in.

Solar energy

WER (Window Energy Rating) helps both you and window manufacturers to determine how energy efficient a window is. With G rating being the worst and A the best, we ensure we only supply the best quality windows to our customers.

Trade 2 Trade windows have been designed and crafted to keep the heat from escaping. Along with features that prevent cold air from entering your home, our glazed products are G value. Also known as solar gain, our windows have the ability to capture the sun’s rays to reduce the number of times your heating is required in the winter.

The cost of your bills will start adding up when you leave the heating on for longer than needed. Even if you forget to take the clothes off the radiator when dry will block the heat from reaching its full potential. Investing in good quality energy saving windows will help you reduce how long you need to have your heating switched on.

If you would like to be one step closer to reducing your energy usage, receive a free quote on our double glazing windows and start your energy saving journey.

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