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Winter is a tough time for conservatories. The cold air that comes into the room from open windows and doors, coupled with low humidity levels, can make it challenging to keep these rooms warm. This post will explore ways you can keep your conservatory warmer during winter.

The first step to keeping your conservatory warm during winter is to ensure that the windows and doors are closed. This will help lock in heat, reduce drafts, and stop cold air coming into the room. However, if you need access through them (for cleaning), they can be kept open but covered with blinds or curtains indoors.

If you don’t have a conservatory heater already installed, then now is an ideal time to get one fitted before winter hits properly! Conservatories often trap residual moisture underneath their roofs, making it difficult for them to stay adequately heated without assistance from additional sources.

A conservatory heater will heat the air in your room, forcing it to rise and spread around the space. This can help create a more comfortable atmosphere for you when relaxing indoors during wintertime. In addition, these devices use infrared technology, which means that they don’t emit hot or cold radiant energy but instead gently heat objects within their direct line of sight.

This gentle heating system is much kinder on any furniture you have inside too!

Ensure that doors leading outside are closed at all times, so no cool drafts come into contact with water pipes and cause them to freeze over – this could lead to burst pipes and costly repairs if not addressed quickly.

You should also ensure that any windows have adequately been double glazed and sealed to prevent cold air from coming in. It is also essential to keep regular maintenance and upkeep of your conservatory and conservatory windows and roof. Loose seals, damaged panes or broken jambs or frames can lead to draughts coming in. Stop the cold air in its tracks by regular cleaning, mould removal and maintenance.

If you haven’t yet insulated your conservatory roof, now is the time to do it! Insulation traps the warmer air inside the conservatory and prevents colder air from seeping in.

We have years of experience working on conservatories and know what works best for each different design. Contact us for your next conservatory build.

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