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It’s one of the greatest frustrations in the battle to maintain a clean, fresh looking home. It doesn’t seem to matter what you try, what products you use or what techniques you apply, you step away from your sparkling windows only to notice you’ve left a streak. But there are a few things you can do to avoid those nightmare streaks and make sure your windows are sparkly clean. 

Avoid cleaning your windows in harsh sunlight 

Sunlight will dry the water onto the window before you have chance to wipe it way. This will leave a mark on the glass that is difficult to wipe away completely. Similarly, if the window is too dry when you wipe it, any marks on the glass will smear rather than wipe away completely. For best results, clean your windows on a cloudy, dry day. 

Use the right cleaning solution 

There are a great many miracle solutions on the market, all of which make promises on which they rarely deliver. In truth, all you need is warm, soapy water. Washing up liquid is fine. Adding a drop of vinegar to the water can help to reduce streaks, but is not really necessary. 

Use the right tools 

The secret is in the tools you use. Purchase a window cleaning mop or squeegee and a window cleaning blade as well as some microfibre cloths or leather chamois. It’s important that your cloths remain dry so, as they collect water, replace your damp cloth with a dry one. 

Don’t apply too much water to the window

When you wash the window, you want to avoid using too much water and keep your eye on any water running down the window pane. If left, this will dry onto the window and leave marks. 

Make sure the window is dry when you finish 

Before walking away from the window, be sure to check that it is dry. It’s particularly important to wipe around the edges with a dry cloth to ensure you have removed any moisture from the edges which might drip down the window after you’ve walked away. Before you leave the window, check for any streaks that have been left behind and wipe them with a single straight motion using your microfibre cloth or chamois. 

At Trade 2 Windows, we provide quality windows in a range of styles to suit every home and budget, and now you know how to keep them looking fresh and clean.

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