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broken double glazed glass

Replacement windows are a great way to give your home a lift and get a fantastic new look for your property.

They can also help to reduce energy bills by improving your energy efficiency, which means you are doing your bit for the environment.

However, there are many other great reasons you may wish to consider new windows, some of which you may not have already thought about. 


Aside from being unsightly, visibly broken or damaged windows can be a security risk, particularly if your windows are difficult or impossible to lock.

Modern uPVC windows offer unrivalled security with a wide range of locking mechanisms available, so even if your windows are not damaged, if you are concerned about the security of your home, new windows are the way forward. 

A warmer home 

If you are starting to feel draughts in your home, there’s a good chance your windows are damaged.

Through exposure to the elements and repeat use of certain cleaning chemicals, the seal around the glass can deteriorate without you necessarily noticing, causing draughts to enter your home.

While this can be repaired, if there are multiple areas around the home where the draughts are coming in, you may wish to replace your windows entirely. 

Newer windows also carry the latest insulating technology, meaning that if your windows are five years older or more, you may wish to upgrade in order to keep your home warm and toasty. 

Reduced Heating Bills 

Another benefit to keeping your home warmer is the reduction in energy bills.

If you’ve noticed a recent unexpected spike in your heating bills, you may need to upgrade your windows as draughts will be allowing the heat to escape, leading to higher fuel consumption.

As mentioned before, newer windows carry the latest technology, meaning that even if there’s no damage to your current windows, if they are older, you may still benefit from the newer technology. 

Whatever the reason for your new windows, if you are interested in getting replacements, Trade 2 Windows will be happy to advise on the right windows for your home. Talk to us and get a quote today.

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