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The conservatory is a room that has been designed to combine the features of a home and an outdoor space. It offers plenty of extra space and can be used all-year-round. Conservatories provide warmth in winter months due to their glass walls which allow sunlight in during daytime hours and coolness during summer months because heat escapes more easily through large windows than through solid walls. This makes them an ideal addition for your home! 

In this post, we will explore the benefits of using plants as a way to decorate your conservatory or orangery. There are many ways in which you can use plants to make this space feel more like home. We’ll be looking at why using plants is an affordable option, what types of plants work best, how you can arrange them for the best effect and some tips on maintenance.

Cacti & succulents

Cacti and succulents are a great choice. They both thrive in humid environments like the one inside of a conservatory. Cacti also require very little water to survive which is perfect for homeowners who want to maintain their conservatory without spending too much time watering plants!

Mediterranean plants

Some of the best choices for plants in a conservatory are olive and mediterranean plants, which can help to make your conservatory feel more like an outdoor garden. Olive trees do well indoors, especially if you provide them with plenty of light. They also have a wonderful scent that makes them perfect for adding some natural fragrance to your home. Mediterranean plants such as lavender and rosemary thrive in a conservatory environment because they require little water or care. If you’re looking for beautiful houseplants without all the hassle, these are two excellent options!

Dracaena and Strelitzia

The most common plants in indoor conservatories are dracaena and strelitzia. These plants are both versatile and low maintenance, making them a perfect choice for this environment. They can be pruned to grow as high or short as you want them too, they never need fertilising and they thrive on the direct sunlight that is found in a conservatory.

When choosing the plants for your conservatory, it is important to consider the types that thrive in direct sun. Some types of plants don’t like light so they are not good choices for this area. Also, if you have kids or pets, make sure to check if a plant is toxic!

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