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Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows have long been famous for their energy efficiency and effectiveness at keeping your home warm in the winter.

As the winter is now behind us and (we hope) a way off yet, that’s probably less of a concern at the moment.

However, the energy efficiency of double-glazed windows also offers fantastic benefits to your home in the summer too. The insulating properties of the glass help to regulate the temperature inside your home and are therefore more effective at keeping the air inside cool than traditional single glazed windows. 

With double glazed windows, you also have more options in terms of ventilation and style of window to allow in more light and allow more heat to escape from your home. 

Sash-style windows

Sliding sash windows allow you to open your windows wider than traditional casement windows, thereby letting more air into your home and allowing more heat to escape. They can also be opened without causing an obstruction outside the home, perfect if you have children playing outside. 

Aluminium frames 

Aluminium is a stronger material than uPVC which means the frames can be thinner, without losing their structural integrity. Thinner frames mean more glass, which means more light entering your home. 

Tilt and turn windows 

One of the biggest irritants in the Summer months is how clean your windows are.

Tilt and turn windows allow you to open your windows wider, providing better access to the outside of the glass and making it easier to clean. This is particularly beneficial to those in flats high above the ground.

Tilt and turn windows also open further than other types of window, meaning they will allow more air into the home. 

Patio doors 

Patio doors are a great way for you to enjoy your home and garden this Summer. Not only do they provide a wider view of the garden while inside, but on warmer days, they create a smooth flow between the inside and out, joining the inside of your home with your patio or decking and helping to create an outdoor living space – perfect for entertaining or spending time with the family this Summer. 

There are many reasons to upgrade to double-glazed windows: from the energy efficiency, to the bright, stylish look they give your home – and the Summer is the perfect time to do it.

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