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double glazed upvc window

uPVC double glazed windows are a fantastic investment for your home. But aside from looking great, they offer a host of benefits to your home. Here are just some of the key benefits of choosing uPVC for your new windows and doors over other available materials. 


uPVC is more weather resistant than other materials and requires less maintenance. Where timber frames will require regular sanding and painting in order to protect them from the elements, uPVC simply needs to be washed down regularly with warm, soapy water.

Energy Efficiency 

Double glazing helps to keep your home warmer by trapping the warm air inside the cavity between the glass. uPVC frames are also scientifically designed to optimise the heat contained within your home. This has the benefit of keeping your home warmer and reducing your energy bills. Our uPVC windows are energy efficient


Double glazed windows are harder to break than single glazed, which makes them more effective at protecting your home against intruders. In addition, uPVC frames are extremely strong and, combined with a range of locking systems, provide further protection for your home. 


Double glazing is far more effective than single glazing at keeping out unwanted noise. uPVC frames can also reduce noise pollution by as much as a further 50%. You can also consider triple glazing which offers yet more protection by creating a third layer of material to reduce the sound. 

Environmentally Friendly 

When disposed of correctly, uPVC frames are recycled at the end of their life and can be recycled as much as 10 times, thereby reducing waste to landfill. 

Range of Styles 

uPVC frames are incredibly versatile and come with a wide range of finishes and styles. As well as the traditional white, you can also buy frames with a wood grain finish enabling you to get the stylish look of a classic timber frame, with the benefits of uPVC. uPVC frames are also available in different shapes and designs which enables you to completely customise the finish of your home.

At Trade 2 Windows, we specialise in the supply and installation of quality uPVC windows and double glazed doors. Take a look at our range of windows and doors, or complete our online double glazing quote tool for a free, no obligation quotation.

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