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Choosing to install sliding or bi-fold doors made of aluminium will have a tonne of advantages no matter what kind of house you live in. They not only look great, adding a touch of modernity to your home, but they also open up the space without sacrificing the room’s functionality and can serve as a wonderful centrepiece for your kitchen, dining room, or living room. Here, we’ll look at just a few of the many factors that make them the perfect door solution for almost every home.

They Maximise The Light Coming Into The Room

Your space will appear more open, bright, and welcoming because a lot of natural light is allowed to enter it. Additionally, increasing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can enhance your mood and mental health by increasing the brain’s production of the hormone serotonin.

Aluminium bifold doors are a good option if you want a room that is light and airy. Because of their inherent strength compared to those made of wood or plastic, they can have slimmer frames, more glazing, and more light.

They Allow You To Bring The Outside In

Contrary to traditional sliding doors, bi-fold doors completely fold back, enabling a smooth transition from the inside to the outside without the need to be outside. You can benefit from your outdoor environment while also taking pleasure in the comforts of being indoors.

They’re Very Strong

Because it is a solid material, aluminium is less likely to warp due to temperature changes. Wood can warp as it expands and contracts, which makes it possible for water to leak through. For enhanced durability, some wooden doors may have aluminium cladding placed on them. Vinyl is quite a durable material, but it can deteriorate in the sun and is more likely to warp.

The frames of bi-fold and sliding doors must be sturdy enough to support large, weighty panes of glass that are typically toughened, tempered, or laminated. Because aluminium is so durable, frames may be made as thin as possible while still offering sufficient support.

Require Very Little Maintenance

Aluminium doors are low maintenance and simple to clean, requiring only a light wipe-down every now and then. The only components of each folding or sliding panel are a frame and a glass pane, which should be cleaned occasionally to keep them looking their best at all times.

The tracks can be cleaned with a small brush, and any remaining debris can then be sucked up with a vacuum. Do not let dirt and dust build up in the tracks, as this will affect how smoothly the doors open and close.

They Add Value To Your Home

According to some industry experts, installing bi-folding or sliding aluminium doors can boost a home’s market value by 5% to 10%. You might be able to recoup the expense of having them installed if you plan to sell your house shortly.

We hope this blog post helps you make an informed decision about installing aluminium bi-fold doors. For any more information, please contact our team of specialists at Trade2Trade Windows. 

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