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The increase in energy prices has hit homes hard all across the country, so we’re sharing three ways you can try and keep those energy prices down, without compromising your comfort. 

  1. Check your windows and doors 

If your windows and doors are deteriorating then chances are you’re spending more money than you need to on your heating bills. Old windows and doors will often have cracks in their seals which will quickly let out warmth and let in a draft, causing you to lose your heat quicker. 

It is also a good idea to have double glazed windows installed if you haven’t already, which will again stop as much heat escaping. 

  1. Turn off your appliances

You might not realise that your appliances are taking that much electricity, but even when they’re not in use they’re still taking more power than they need to. 

Go around the house in the morning before you leave and make sure you turn off any lights, your TV, computers, heating and dishwasher. 

  1. Have a conservatory or roof lantern installed 

If you’re looking to invest in a home upgrade and also want to save money on your bills then a conservatory might be the best option for you, especially our new ‘warm roof’ conservatories. 

Warm room conservatories will let natural light and heat into your home from the sun, without allowing it to get too hot in the room so you can enjoy your time in there whatever the weather. This saves you money by decreasing the amount of heat needed to warm your home, as well as allowing you to keep the lights off for a longer amount of time. 

Ready to beat these price increases by upgrading your home? Then keep Trade 2 Trade in mind as your local quality installer, available to give you your free quote today.

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