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Making sure that your door safe and secure is one of the most important structural factors a homeowner must consider. It’s therefore absolutely necessary for them to be equipped with the latest security features. Plus they must also be structurally sound.

Knowing what to look for when determining if your door needs to be replaced is important. It’s a question we get asked a lot. So to help break this down, our expert team put together a quick guide to inform you of the 3 main signs you should be aware of.

Draughts from your front and back doors

As doors age, they start to warp out of their original shape due to weathering and repeated use. This is common in wooden doors but can happen to any door type over much longer periods of time.

Moisture gets absorbed into the cracks and crevices of the door. Over time this fluctuation creates bends, or warps, in the frame. Thus forcing the door out of alignment with the frame.

This creates small gaps between the door frame and the door itself – allowing cold air in and the warmth of your home out.

If there are gaps present, you could lose heat energy as you try to warm up your home in the winter.  To avoid wasting unnecessary heat and money, upgrading to an energy efficient door allows you to keep your home warm.  

Functionality issues

Over a period of time, your door’s durability will slowly decrease from the wear and tear.

As with windows, doors are affected by the exposure to different seasons and temperatures bring. Similar to warping, these effects cause the door elements to slightly expand and contract. With time, your front door may become misshapen, making it harder to open and close.

During the winter months, your door handles may become affected by the cold weather. When water freezes, it can cause damage to the handle. This can affect the functionality of the door and is very difficult to replace as most modern doors are equipped with, Shootbolt locks. Shootbolt locks tend to run throughout the whole door and just replacing the door handle may compromise the security properties.

Moisture between the glass pane of the door

Again similar to windows, the double glazed glass on your doors is susceptible to moisture build up if the structure becomes compromised. Or, when they are not thermally efficient enough.

Over time the sealant between the two panes on the door can become loose through weathering. Moisture can then enter through these gaps inside. Over time this can encourage the growth of mould and may start to spread to other areas.

Unfortunately, significant mould build up is almost impossible to fix. Meaning that if your doors do suffer from mould, it make be time for replacement doors.

At Trade2Trade we provide unbeatable doors with world-renowned yale locking systems and amazing energy efficiency. If you’re considering replacement doors for your home, why not get a free quote today. For more on all things windows, follow our blog.

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